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BarbAlexis oriental restaurant.


date. 2014

city. Nea Chalkidona, Attica, Greece

street. Salaminos

A typical tavern with tradition to oriental food since 1999 was transformed into a contemporary restaurant with character that reflects its' food quality and atmosphere that emphasises the history of Asia Minor and the people's culture. We aimed at creating a hospitable space that exhibits characteristics similar to those encountered in typical temples of Byzantine architecture, landmarks of eastern culture and tradition. The high arches and chandeliers along the space create a sense of grandeur which is expressed throughout the room with minimal lines. The central point of focus is occupied by the impressive bar which is decorated with metallic cantilevers and traditional motifs harmoniously combined. Around it develops the central hall of the store while on its back is the kitchen. The purpose of the bar is twofold as it serves for food supply from the kitchen to the customers while later on as gathering place for drinks and dancing as well. At the most privileged corners of the restaurant are located the hanging sofas that enable customers to enjoy comfortably the oriental flavors served. Their backs are decorated with niches filled in with traditional tiles, framed by Arab arches with hidden lighting that amplifies the oriental atmosphere. With the same design principles is composed the mezzanine of the restaurant as well, ready to support the main lounge of the restaurant.

Interior Design & Construction: BARRENDER design & construction

Area: 280m2  

Budget: 80.000€

Photo credits: Alexis Artemiadis

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