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BarbAlexis oriental restaurant.


date. 2015

city. Nea Kifissia, Attica, Greece

street. Ilission

The new oriental restaurant «BarbaAlexis» in Nea Kifissia is the third restaurant of Keseroglou family in Athens, which since 1999 has brought the tradition and the quality of tastes from Antakya of Turkey to the suburbs of Athens. We aimed at creating a new space with oriental characteristics embodied in a minimal frame. The interior’s geometry is composed strictly on rectangular grid, while curves are met only in ornaments, which bring in the oriental element through familiar patterns. The restaurant’s entrance divides symmetrically the main façade and it stands out with its golden door leafs and laser-cut pattern representing the lotus flower. This pattern is repeated on the windows of the restaurant’s two side façades as filter for the morning and afternoon sun. Except for a winter hall the restaurant has also a summer courtyard and when needed the sliding glazed windows allow the optical contact and the circulation between the two parts without any problem. Most of the internal part of the property is dedicated to the main hall of the restaurant where the oriental element prevails. The false ceiling that decorates the room has two big recessions out of which are pending four perforated golden cubes with the same lotus pattern. Successively, through these volumes pop out various pendant luminaires with curved shapes. All the above, combined with the surrounding indirect lighting create a seraglio-like atmosphere. On the background of the hall the dominating bar counter has two roles. Early in the afternoon serves as customers’ reception and waiting area while late in the evening operates as a nightclub’s bar counter for drinking and dancing. The black-red granite on top of the counter together with the brocaded tiles on the back wall of the bar, give a sense of grandiosity to the place. The same sense amplifies the marble-like stucco applied on certain walls and the reddish parquet floor, both of which refer to luxurious oriental rooms. The restaurant’s open-air courtyard is located on the front side of the building. Oriental decoration is absent here, while the green plants in combination with carefully mixed & matched outdoor furniture offer customers the ability to enjoy their dinner in a plain and relaxing summery environment.

Interior Design & Construction: BARRENDER design & construction

Area: 370m2  

Budget: 110.000€

Photo credits: Alexis Artemiadis

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