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Coffee Jar.


date. 2015

city. Pagkrati, Athens, Greece

street. Astidamantos

A new coffee house around the corner gives a fresh look in a crowded neighbourhood of Athens, as the notes of grounded coffee, smooth beverages and homemade snacks it serves. The big challenge of the design was to fit in 25 sq.m. all functions of a high-end coffee house. Our proposal didn't just make it functional, but comfortable as well. Given the small space, our intention was to dress it with a cartoonish look, so the materials and colours were chosen to be full of contrasts. OSB wood was installed on the interior walls combined with black and white check tiles and graphics. The main concept was the orange surface of the counter which wraps around the blackboards and the black surface of the ceiling that unfolds arourd the OSB. The final tint was given by the blue pillows of the stools and couch, as well as the white window frames with the blue belts.    

Interior Design & Construction: BARRENDER design & construction

Area: 50m2  

Budget: 30.000€

Photo credits: Alexis Artemiadis

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