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Il Barretto.


date. 2016

cityAttica, Greece

Athens International Airport

“Il barretto” is a contemporary bar restaurant that serves high quality culinary products with Italian origin. Apart from its “specialty” coffee blend it also serves freshly made products such as panini, brioche, pasta and pizza. The need for an interior space that would correspond to the high standards set by its owner, especially in an international venue such as the AIA, led the design to push the business’ identity furthermore and create an enhanced aesthetic experience, without neglecting the fundamental style principles of the former “il barretto” houses. The new demand of the services’ plan, compared to the previous 3 houses, is the requirement for a self-service bar restaurant to be hosted in a 166m2 indoor area. The layout incorporates a fully equipped kitchen, a self-service counter with integrated fresh product displays, a coffee corner together with a bar station and finally the clients’ hall with circa 40 people capacity. Given the small number of seats incorporated in the house, an additional 136m2 area, just outside of it, in the terminal’s seating zone has been furbished with comfortable and classy furniture, in order to help il barretto’s clients relax minutes before their flight. The choice of materials has been carefully done, in order to combine tradition with luxury. Varnished wood, polished marble and shiny copper in various forms constitute the trinity of the design. The floor is finished with a dark hardwood frame while white marble tiles with black rectangle décor cover the rest of the area. Personnel’s spaces inside of the bar and the kitchen are coated with ceramic tiles. The two existing structural columns as well as part of the partition wall between the hall and the kitchen are invested (up to 90cm above the floor) with plywood dashboards of the same dark brown shade. The rest of the wall’s height is dressed with decorative wallpaper, while part of it at the bar’s back features a red-brown marble along the food and beverage preparation counter and a rusty patina mirror behind the copper bottle rack. On the inside wall of the partition with the built-in ventilation shaft and the fire hose cabinet there is installed longitudinal couch booth with a vertical garden at its back that rises up to the ceiling. Steel framed glazing is installed on the premises’ perimeter, one panel at each corner and a full length glazing along the western façade as vitrine for product display. The false-ceiling which is made out of perforated plaster board panels with sound-absorption properties, incorporates four framed recessions from which hang be-spoke chandeliers made from metal sheets painted gold. Golden pendant luminaires decorate the bar front as well as the two outermost corners of the hall. The bar counter is made out of varnished plywood and incorporates a packaged product vitrine and three fresh food displays. Green marble mosaic tiles decorate the bar’s elevation, while white marble forms the bar top. Marble in black and white alternatives is also used at the table tops all around the house. The final tint is given by the retrospective chairs and stools dressed with green velvet fabric and golden finish cord.

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