Rag Doll Post-modern Bar

Design & Construction 2014
20, Chrisostomou Smirnis str.
Attica, Greece.

In the center of Aigaleo city, we undertook the interior construction of a stone-built building for the development of a bar with post-modern mood. The materials investing the surfaces of the building have a strong industrial character and revive the scenery of the rock decades in post-modern version. The façade was redesigned with naked black steel glazing and was framed with oxidized iron panels. On the interior surfaces prevails the British style brickwork in combination with uncoated concrete with obvious stamps from the wooden formwork. Harmoniously coexist wood paneling, as well as the old stone masonry at the back of the scene. The bar front is made of trapezoidal metal sheet painted with pop mood olive green, while the shelves at its back remind building worksite scaffolding. Opposite to the bar and along the entire side, there is a wall mounted sofa with vintage cushions in cypress shade green, which is surrounded by tall tables and metallic yellow stools. Metal barrels in a combination of colors fill the space and accommodate the most active visitors. The industrial HVAC tubes pending from the ceiling together with vintage decorative lamps enhance an underground atmosphere suitable for youth groups live performances in a specially designed area at the back of the store. This area works together as a lounge for the periods that it is not used as a stage.

Interior Design & Construction:  BarRender Design & Construction

Area:  120m2  

Budget:  70.000€

Photo credits:  Alexis Artemiadis

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