Residence in Corinth.


date. 2021

city. Corinth, Corinthia, Greece

area. Aghios Georgios

Design of a two-storey residence of 310 sq.m. in the area of Aghios Georgios in Corinth, to house the needs of a family of four. On the ground floor of the building are placed the spaces that serve the daily activities of the owners, while on the first floor are the bedrooms. The squared geometry of the plot led to an L-shaped plan layout, in order to create comfortable outdoor spaces and open-plan interiors. The orientation in the north allows large openings to be created for diffuse lighting. The layout of the openings and the balconies perfectly take advantage of the view to the sea in all areas of main use. In the unbuilt area of the plot as well as in the roof terrace, pergolas offer enough shade and together with plants and greenery create a pleasant microclimate for the outdoor activities of the family. At the lower ground floor are located the auxiliary spaces and parking area, with access from the back of the plot. The materials chosen for the exteriors of the house are white plaster, gray stone and wooden linings, which are combined harmoniously and create a modern and warm aesthetic.